Friday, 17 June 2011

Excercises in early pregnancy

What excercises can I do in the early pregnancy?

If you have been doing some form of aerobic excercise before pregnancy it is alright to carry on, however do not overstrain and do it in moderation. Do not start vigorous excercise for the first time otherwise. Jogging and ball games should be avoided. Your joints and ligaments are more susceptible to damage during pregnancy. Jogging will divert precious oxygen and blood from the growing baby. Always start slow with warming up excercises and stretch well after your excercise. Swimming, cycling on a stationary cycle and walking are the ideal forms of aerobic excercises.

Can I do yoga?

Yes but with limitation. Taking it as a form of stretching and toning excercise would be best. The muscles to tone would be the back, abdominal and calf muscles as these are the ones that would be worked most during your pregnancy. When lying on your back do not do this for long periods ie more than 5 minutes as this may cause a drop in your blood pressure and also reduce the blood flow to the baby.  When getting up from the flow do so slowly as there may be a sudden fall in blood pressure.

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